Frequently asked questions & other info...

What version of the bible does your journals include?

Our journals are designed to be used with any version of the Bible that you prefer. On occasion, we use summaries or generalizations of scripture verses in our headings or page titles along with the verse reference for you to look up. We try to keep our journals "neutral" in version preference so that everyone is comfortable in using whatever version they want to study God's word.

Do you offer discounts on small group or class orders in bulk quantities?

Yes! For independent bookstores, churches, homeschools, or other small groups, we offer bulk quantity discounts off regular retail prices with a minimum of 50 books purchased. You may mix-in-match same priced books to receive the discount. The more you buy, the greater the percentage discount. To request specific bulk order rates, please email us or use the contact form on the side bar. (Shipping costs not included in discount.) NOTE: Throughout the year, we will offer various percentage off discounts and sales to all buyers via Amazon and CreateSpace. If our discount or sale rates at any given time are equal to or better than our bulk order rates, then we will refer you to those listings instead for purchase as we want to you to get the best deal possible!

How do you print your books?

We are a small family business and opt to use independent printing services for our books. You will notice no difference in quality (and in some cases even better quality) than any other book that you would purchase off the shelf at a large chain bookstore. 

Do you sell your books at brick and mortar book stores?
Currently, we sell online via Amazon or Createspace, but have plans to be sold in stores in the near future. Let your local bookstore know that you'd love to see 123 Journal It Publishing books on their shelves! If you are a bookstore interested in carrying our line of journals, please get in touch.

What if I want to return my journal?

Since we sell through Amazon and CreateSpace, you will need to refer to the return policies for their specific sites first as they are the distributor. However, we want you to be pleased (actually we want you to be overjoyed) with your journal. If, for whatever reason, you aren't, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.