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I am thrilled about the new release of both our Women's and Men's Bible Study Journals. These were a blast to design. I love the vintage 1920's era that I based the imagery and text choices on. It makes them lively from cover-to-cover and interesting as you turn each page to find out what's on the next one.

Today I am giving you a peak inside the main pages for the The 12 Week Journal for Women's Prayer & Devotional Bible Study as well as a video segment where I talk about both journals and flip through the pages.

Each of the journal's 12 week chapter segments contain 12 pages to use however you like - whether you prefer to do a couple pages daily for six days or to use the pages randomly over your week. There is an introductory page for your goals and reading log followed by pages for prayer notes, giving thanks, studying scripture, applying it to your life, sharing it with others, and a few basic note-taking and doodling pages. And, these are created to be "neutral" so you can use any Bible version that you choose to go along with them. (Some of the general headings and page titles do contain scripture references.)

These journals were designed to either be self-guided DIY Bible studies that rely heavily on you getting into God's word or as companions for note-taking along with another Bible study book. They are extremely versatile and easy to use daily, weekly, or for whatever fits into your schedule. They would also make an excellent gift for a friend or for a couple to do together and grow in Christ.

Here's your sneak peak at the women's bible study journal: 

The 12 Week Journal for Women's Prayer & Devotional Bible Study

The men's journal has a layout much the same, but with more manly imagery and text. My husband helped me pick it all out so it is testosterone approved ;-) You can see more inside the pages of the The 12 Week Journal for Men's Prayer & Devotional Bible Study in the flip-through video below. I also talk about the design process for these and my thoughts on both Bible study journals.

With much love,

P.s.... you can order both of these journals on our shopping page through Amazon or Createspace! As always, if you have questions or suggestions, please get in touch or leave a comment. We appreciate your feedback :)

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